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A little Overdose of Paracetamol proved to be Life Threatening

By using Paracetamol patients are possibly risking their lives and also their liver, brain and kidney health through repeated small Paracetamol overdoses which can be challenging to diagnose when consumed in excess. The authors of the British journal of pharmacology have warned to be careful while using this medication.  a single as well as a multiple overdose can prove to be fatal to health. in case of overdose people generally do not report it to their doctors or visit a nearby hospital when they feel unwell, such people should be identified and treated as early as possible.

The overdose of Paracetamol can appear when we have pain and repeatedly try taking some more paracetamol compared to they should. “They haven’t taken the single-moment, one-off massive overdoses taken by those who make an effort to commit suicide, but as time passes damages increases as well as the effect can result in fatal,” said Kenneth Simpson, author with the research.

Doctor Simpson along with his team carried out a research and analyzed the data from 663 patients with Paracetamol-induced liver injury admitted for the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh between 1992 and 2008. Some 161 patients had taken a spread out overeating, usually to ease many different common health complications such as abdominal or muscular pains, headache and toothache. There were multiple cases in a day when people had taken Paracetamol in a dosage strength as low as 10mg  and s few has consumed this multiple Paracetamol- containing products which further leads to overdose.

People who were affected by the overdose of Paracetamol were much prone to suffer from the various health complications such as and brain problems and was at the upper chances of needing kidney dialysis or assistance with breathing.

Doctor Simpson He added that doctors “urgently” necessary to find new means of assessing whether such patients could possibly be told to go home, or needed medical therapy to counteract the consequences of Paracetamol overdose, and even to be considered to get a liver transplant.