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Acupuncture- Best boon for men suffering from Prostate Cancer

The latest news doing rounds all over the world is with regards to a study that can prove as a magical therapy for all those men who are suffering from hot flashes. Yes… hot flashes during prostate are the most common condition, but did you know that due to hot flashes a man has the tendency to suffer from prostate cancer. So, here’s a best therapy- Acupuncture which has proved to be very helpful in treating such patients who are suffering from prostate problems.

To prove the importance of acupuncture and its benefits, a research was conducted. This involved studying 14 men and treating all those men with acupuncture who are suffering from prostate cancer. The ultimate conclusion came forth, that acupuncture unlike other therapies does not have side-effects and it is much safer a treatment as compared to the other treatment ways.

Therefore, whether it is prostate gland trouble in humans or the problem of hot flashes in women, Acupuncture is the best option. In fact, Acupuncture is a sought after demand sort of alternative medicine; it consists of placing ultra-thin needles in to the skin. The output from such a treatment is relief to the patients from the pains and relaxation or release of the constrained nerves. Hormone Therapy lessens the level of Testosterone within the body and it is a significant treatment for Prostate Cancer but half of patients taking Hormone Therapy experience hot flashes as women experience during menopause. Well… hot flashes in men during the intial stages are very mild, but with time when the perspiration and excessive sweating is experienced, then this is a signal that it requires to be treated. Basically, men who are suffering from hot flashes should take the acupuncture therapy twice a week and continue the process of treatment for a continuous four weeks. This shall be very helpful in reducing hot flashes.