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Be conscious of Blood Clotting beneath your foot skin

Take care of your body and skin which occur abrupt changes especially under your feet due to Blood Clot.

Take care of your body and skin that causes blood clot. Blood clot which appears in toes become very difficult to treat if you ignore it. If your toes show a signal of dark red color and starts paining then you have encountered with a blood clot. Blood clot is a lump which appears on any part of your body. If it appears on your feet, you will able to see it like a lump. This lump causes, due to excess bleeding which happens only when a blood vessel gets injured.

Blood clot can get diminish by its own formally, when the injury gets healed. Sometime the blood clot does not diminish and the person has to go through some medication or treatments to get rid of it. Blood clot may diminish more quickly due to exercise without any pains and injury. However, unlimited exercise may come in contact with blood clot.

What causes a blood clot on your foot?

The most common cause of the blood clots under your foot skin occurs due to surgery. Surgery like bunion or other type of curative surgery that is related to toes or foot. For example If you’re sitting at one place for a longer time without any motion, then an individual have to come across with this sort of situation. Then you may arrive with a blood clot in your lower legs or toes.

Lupus, heart disease and diabetes can increase the danger of blood clot in your toe.

How it can be identified?

It is very difficult to identify blood clot at the very first stage. The main symptoms of blood clot are pains in the affected area, the area around blood clot becomes red, and skin becomes warmth. If you have already treated with artery peripheral disease then the doctor may give some sign of blood clots. The signs include foot ulcers; pain while touching it softly, dark spots appears under your toenail etc.

How can you prevent it?

A sufficient blood flow in your toe all the time can help you to prevent from clotting of blood. You have to evade sitting at one place for a long time and avoid wearing tight socks which helps to stop your blood flow at the particular area. One must go for exercise for at least 30 minutes which will give proper blood flow to your feet and keeps you’re your body healthy and fit.