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Boon of Flavonoid on Your Health

Get to know more and more health benefits of flavonoid that are usually present in foods and reduce the risk of diseases.

Flavonoid is also named as bioflavonoid. Flavonoid is the photochemical compound that is usually found in the source of plant. Flavonoid acts as an antioxidant powders that are very important for health. Flavonoid used in diet help to reduce the multiple numbers of diseases occurs in humans.

Flavonoid are contain in wide variety of foods. A food that contains flavonoid is cocoa, cranberries, red wine, onions, tea etc.

Health benefits of flavonoid

Flavonoid helps to support many health benefits. As it is said, that flavonoid helps to prevent cancer and heart disease. Isoflavones helps to prevent from prostate and breast cancer, Because of the capacity to manipulate estrogen and other hormone levels. Flavonoid acts as antioxidants, they help to take away the destructive substance from the body as free radicals. The benefits of the flavonoid avert chronic disease and reduce the effects of aging.

Antioxidant Effects

Antioxidant help to give protection from harmful radicals that occurs due to smoking and environmental contamination. The damage of free radical increases the problems related to health. The bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease.

Anti-inflammatory Effects

Flavones are type of flavonoid that generally contains in cocoa and chocolates. Flavone helps to reduce the hazardous inflamed particles in arteries. Less sweetened cocoa powder in the 40 gram of skim milk reduces the level of adhesion molecules if this milk is taken on the daily basis. The consumption of adhesion molecules in milk can source to rise in the arteries. The rise of arteries later, then lead to increasing danger of heart disease. Atherosclerosis that present in the heart can harden the arteries.

Risk of heart disease

Cocoa which contains of flavonols usually helps to reduce the blood pressure. Cholesterol helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. The intake of cocoa and dark chocolate has optimistic effects on blood clotting, insulin sensitivity and coronary artery function. Flavonoid rich food such as apples, onions, and black tea assist to reduce the danger of the heart disease. It has been said that the consumption of flavonoid on daily basis does not actually reduce the risk of heart stroke or coronary heart disease. To know more about Flavonoid and the factors that lead to heart disease risks there need to be a detailed research work to be done.

Risk of cancer

According to researchers, it has been found that flavonoid slow down the risk of cancer in animals. However, inadequate proof subsist that increasing intake of flavonoid reduce the risk of flavonoid in humans.