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Enuresis is nothing but unconscious discharge of urine. Here are some causes and general approaches of treating this annoying problem of bed wetting.

Enuresis is an abnormal condition of bedwetting observed mostly in kids.  It is actually an involuntary expulsion of urine which happens when the bladder is still to be established. However, night-time enuresis is observed most commonly in boys rather than in girls.

There are several factors that contribute to enuresis which includes: –

  • Hereditary factors
  • A family history or record of enuresis
  • Overdue maturation
  • If the child is going through any stress, as such the  birth of sib or the  first few days of school
  • Petite functional bladder competence
  • Late awakening from sleep
  • Unceasing constipation may also result  in recurrent urination
  • Infection in the urinary tract
  • If the production of urine is high during night
  • Decrease in the level of oxygen while breathing may also cause bedwetting
  • Idiosyncrasy in the spinal cord

General ways to treat of Enuresis (bed wetting)

Enuresis (bed wetting) Therapy with the behavior changes can be done. But before that, see that our child is ready to understand the technique of being dry. Do not force your little one to change their behavior by punishing them as this may hurt the feeling of your child. Also, do not express frustration, hostility or anger in front of your child as this may overwhelm them. Do not let your siblings tease them as this may weaken them more.

  • Make limitations of fluids during the bed time.
  • See that your child goes to urinate before they get on bed. Also, make sure that you wake them up at once at night for urinating.
  • Remember that the bathroom should be nearby or easily accessible.
  • Stop using diapers at nights, as this might also be one of the reasons that make your child uneasy to urinate. In case of diapers, you can lay a plastic wrapper or cover on the bed as this will protect the bed from getting wet.
  • If the mishap takes place, change the pajama that your child is wearing so as to make them feel comfortable from the wet zone.  Place a dry cloth on the wet area so that there’s no need to change the bed during night time.