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For the treatment of Erectile Dysfunctions, herbal medications are not sufficient. You need modern medications like Caverta for best results.

During the medieval times, the most common disorder suffered by males was erectile dysfunction. But, in the medieval times there weren’t many medications available to cure such ailments. Such a condition could leave males insecure and helpless.

Later, after few years many experts came up with different natural herbs for curing erectile dysfunction. Natural herbs such as garlic gloves, ginseng, foods such as onion and carrots, dry fruits became popular because these substances helped in boosting the stamina in males. There was as single drawback, which was that most of these medications helped just few males and not the masses.

Modern medications for erectile dysfunction

Due to the advancement of science in the 21st century, there have been many different medications made available to people to get rid of this depressing disorder efficiently and safely. Today, some of the popular medications used by males suffering from ED are Generic Viagra, Caverta, Flavored Kamagra Jelly. If you are skeptical is using these medications, then other alternative before you is surgical implant. But, such an expensive surgery could be quite tedious and there is no 100% assurance.

Caverta is one of the best medications for Erectile Dysfunction

Most of the above mentioned generic drugs are efficient, safe and cost effective treatment and they help men of all ages. No matter what ever is the cause of impotency, Caverta works wonders. Sildenafil Citrate is the key component in this medication as is considered to be the best solution in treating erectile dysfunction or impotency in males. Caverta is available in dosages 25, 50 and 100 mg and is the product from Ranbaxy pharmaceuticals. For men who fall in the age group between 30 and 50 must use the dose of 100mg of this medication.


If you are old, then the recommended dose by your doctor may be usually lower dose to reduce the medications side effects. Your health care provider is the best person to guide you the right dosages of this medication, hence consult them prior to usage of this medication. You can easily avail this medication from a trusted online pharmacy and can save a lot of money with a bulk orders.

Minor Side effects

Some common effects of this medication are headache, nausea, back pain, stomach upset, facial flushing. Some less common side effects are sensitivity to light, priapism, blurred vision, change in the color vision.

Cavetra helps in increasing the blood flow to the male penile area. Along with Sildenafil citrate the other ingredients in this medication help in achieving good erection as compared to other counterparts. The actual time for the reception of this medication is thirty minutes prior to love making activity. The safety, efficacy and precautions of Caverta are quite similar to its branded version, but one aspect which finds a noticeable difference between the two is the price factor.