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Today men can surely get the best cure by making use of the medication Caverta that comes under the leading brand Viagra.

If you are one of the individual going through sexual trouble known as ED then here is the best way to give a back answer to this trouble. Caverta is one of the medications which is in the market from a period of time. This pill also comes under the generic addition of the brand Viagra and has the same working compound known as Sildenafil Citrate.

This medication is easily available in most of the online pharmacy stores. You can also get this pill from any of the medical shop. However, if you ever decide to make use of this pill see to it that you have a detail check up with your doctor and then choose for this pill. Caverta will surely give you freedom from the trouble you are going through.

Caverta is available in 25mg, 50mg and the standard dosage 100mg. most of the men who are planning to start with the medication can surely make use of the 25mg dosage and latter choose for the 100mg dosage. This will not only allow them to get the best results at the same time allow their body to adjust with the medication.

Men need to have this pill at least half an hour prior to making love as the chemical compound present in the pill takes some time to mix up in the blood in the right manner. Men can have the medication once in a day as the effect of the pill stays in the body for longer time.  When the chemical compound present in the pill stays working it enters every part of the body just to give enough amount of blood to every part. The male reproductive region also gets ample amount of blood to function in the right manner.

Sildenafil Citrate also goes for a battle with the enzyme that actually causes ED by generating blockages inside the organ just to restrict the blood to function in the prefect way inside the organ. This chemical breaks all the blocks that are formed inside the organ and helps the blood in the right manner. This not only allows the reproductive region to get the best erection at the same time gives the couple enough amount of strength to make a satisfied love.

One of the important things that men need to know is there is some negative effects that can be seen in the body after the medication starts working. Some of the common troubles that men can go through are headache, stomach problem, vomiting and many other minor troubles. These problems change from person to person hence if your body is ready to accept any sort of chemical then you might not go through any of the negative effects.