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Creative ways to say NO….

How often do you feel stressed? The increasing work load, ever escalating responsibilities at work, home, financial problems, social problems and there are many reasons that take up majority of our time in a day. By the end of the day, all you get to this is just take that little nap or that late night sleep that is the only way to relax and take some time out for yourself. There are many situations or chances where you can just not say no for it. Saying no may be difficult but it is important to learn the art of saying no, so that you get some time for you self and the same time do not create a bad impression on others as a lazy, couch potato or a selfish or unhelpful person.

Here’s how you can say no for certain work very smartly without proving yourself as a villain in it:

Be firm in your decision: If you are surrounded by people around who are very good in convincing you without letting you speak up, then it’s high time you do not let them overpower you and speak up. Giving reasoning for your NO would not do good for you, so just a categorical no is the best.

Refer the work or task or any help to someone else: If you think you may not able to do justice, then you have all the right to pass on the task or refer to somebody else. All you have to do is pick up subtle, clear and soft words so that the other person does not feel bad.

You can say no through SMS too- If you would be unable to attend to the last minute invite that you may have received, then here’s your chance to make use of the technology and let the opposite know” thanks for the message, but I have something else coming up”. This is the best way to say no without hurting the opposite of even facing him in person.