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Is your sleep getting disturbed by night sweats here are some home remedies that can help you to get relief from night sweat.

Night sweats starts at the time when an individual’s sweats a lot that your bed sheets and the clothes gets wet like it has got dripped into water. This is a condition when you are getting symptoms of hot flashes in the night. Hot flashes are mainly known when you’re nearing to menopause or when you start reaching at the last stage of Menopause which appears in women. Menopause starts at the age of 40 or 55. It is this stage where a women notices the absence in the menstrual period this is period of 12 months. The most affected areas of the excessive sweating appear on hands specially the palm, foot and underarms.

An individual’s gets irritated and gets disturbed while sleeping because these are common areas, which get affected more and immediate senses. Menopauses are common in both the sexes men’s as well as women’s. Many home remedies that one can follow to stop them from sweating and feels uneasy while sleeping. One should consult doctor before going for any kind of home remedies or the treatments because if you intake any type of home remedies it may lead to side effects or any skin reaction on individuals body.


Soy product-Soy products mainly known as soybean which contains maximum number of flavonoid named as isoflavones. Tofu, soy milk and soy cheese are very effective which comes under soy products. These products are the most affective agent for the one who is suffering from this condition. An individual must consume 25 gram and 50 gram of soya products to recover from these circumstances. You have to boil or steam soybean just to have it in your daily routine.


Flaxseeds are the nuts, which gives nutty flavored taste in your diets. This seeds contain a lot of fiber which is very important for the one who is going through hot flashes of menopause. Flaxseed oil and flaxseeds both contain a substance known as estrogen. You can have your flaxseeds as per your own needs, as you can have it with your ice creams, cereals, yogurt or any baked food.

Cold fluids

Cold fluids help you to prevent your body temperature to cool down when you are going through night sweats. Cold fluids such as green tea, chilled vegetable juice and child milk etc and more products you can have in your diet.


one can wear night clothes which have fabric material because fabric can soaks the sweat and doesn’t allow the sweat to remain for a long time as it absorbs moisture quickly where as synthetic fabrics trap the heat and doesn’t allow it to absorb the sweat thus feels irritation on your body due to excessive sweating. Medicines should be consumed with proper concern from doctor.