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Do Not Let Your Retina Suffer Due To Diabetes

We all know that diabetes is the serious disease which many a times affect some organ of the body. Diabetes does affect liver and eyes many a times. If your retina is getting affected then, it is called as retinopathy which is normally happens because of increase in irregular blood vessels on the retina of your eye. These vessels normally situated behind the eye and if they decrease then your retina becomes weak and that causes you the retinopathy because of the diabetes. If you want your eye’s retina appropriate then you have to control the diabetes and keep eating healthy food.

There are many symptoms of the retinopathy by which you can recognize that you are suffering through it. Due to retinopathy, you may develop the hazy vision. In early stages of retinopathy you may not be recognize that your eye is getting affected by the diabetes. For that, you have to keep checking your eyes. Your doctor will surely recognize that your retina has got affected. However, off late you will see the symptoms that you won be able to see the surroundings perfectly your vision will get little blur. Your night vision will become week, or many a times you will develop some immune areas i.e. you won’t be able to see things fully, you will fail to spot some areas cause of affected retina.

Controlling diabetes is the only solution for the disease. You have to control your blood sugar level by maintain healthy diet and proper weight. You also need to check that your doctor is keeping a tab on the effect of prescribed medicines. You have to eat healthy diet and have to do regular exercise to maintain the appropriate weight and for better lifestyle. This all will help to decrease the retinopathy.

Eat a healthy diet if you suffering through the retinopathy. Your doctor or health care provider will tell you to eat the proper and prescribed diet. The one who is suffering from this disease should eat fresh fruits and vegetables mainly leafy vegetables and the grain food brown rice and wheat products like wheat pasta. This is the best diet to control the diabetes as well as it will boost the effect of the medicines.

One should eat the meals on time. Eating meals on time also helps to maintain the diabetes. It regulates your blood sugar level. Do exercises daily and eat healthy food. Go for checkups on regular intervals.