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What are the side effects of drinking water while ingesting food?

Normally people tend to drink more amount of water while they are already eating something. But past research has proved that it might harm you digestively. Quenching your thirst by consuming the right amount of water is perfect but at the same time swigging water throughout your meals impedes your digestive process. This oscillates the level of insulin in your body. Further, it attenuates the acid present in your belly which becomes difficult for you to digest. They even dilute enzymes which reduces the breakdown of food. Disproportionate water settles in stomach for long time prying with absorption.

More often it is been noticed that many people prefer going for a forty winks i.e. short sleep or some even yawn continuously after having their meals. This happens because of drinking water while eating, as this reduces the amount of oxygen in the lungs making the food remain in the stomach for longer time. This further make your body feel stressed out, tired and scrawny. It even creates weightiness in your stomach.

While examining your digestion remember considering the amount of nutrition, level of anxiety and even your diet as this plays a vital role affecting the efficiency of digestion. Intake in large amount of water causes poor gastric which may further lead to feeling of heaviness even if you consume small proportionate of food. Thus it is recommended to drink minimum quantity of water or no water while eating on the contrast you can drink water one or two hours before and after meals.

How to avoid consuming water while meals?

Chew up the scrupulously at and your leisure as better the amount of saliva in body will better the digestion.  Mostly it is seen that when the amount of spices or salt is more people lean to consume more and more amount of water. Further, some are even habituated to watch television, play with mobile and stuff some even read books and magazines while having meals. This intends lack of concentration while eating and thus end up with gulping huge amount of water at a time.

Thus Consuming Water while having Meal should be strictly avoided so as to make you fit and healthy ever after.