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ED is common with Diabetic men

It is quite common for men to have trouble in erection for time to time but the occurrence of ED can only be noticed if the problem in erection remains for three months. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that affects the men’s ability to get and sustain erection, to have a great sexual experience. ED is suffered by diabetic men more than those who do not have it.

According to a research conducted, it was found that people having ED is common with diabetic men. Fifty percent of the people will suffer ED if they are diagnosed with diabetes within 10 years from medications. Diabetes leads to a lot of sexual problems and ED is one of them because it damages our nerves and small blood vessels. The body’s response to our sexual reaction is due to automatic nerves signals that help to increase the blood flow in genitals and smooth muscles tissue to relax. So, if damages are caused to these automatic nerves signals then it leads to damages in blood vessels and ultimately causes sexual dysfunction.

Heart diseases and diabetes are linked because it causes artery damage which is the result of complications in diabetes that results in ED. In many instances, if an individual is unaware of the increase in blood glucose level, and yet suffering from ED, then a test in coronary artery disease is the solution to prove the relation between diabetes and ED.

The longer the person suffers from diabetes the risk to get ED would get higher. The main factor that causes ED to a diabetic is due to the increase in the blood glucose level. If the blood glucose level is not checked and controlled on time, it shall damage the small blood vessel and nerves system.

Precaution should be taken by the diabetic person if symptoms of ED is seen or felt. It is very important to make aware your doctor aware about the ED problem. Sometimes, medicines prescribed by doctor to lower the blood count can also lead to ED problem. So, if the doctor is kept well informed of the health condition, then treating and tackling the condition becomes much easier.