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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Without Medications

Erectile Dysfunction arises due to various reasons such as physical or psychological. With some changes in the physical and mental health you can overcome the issue of ED irrespective of the root cause behind it.

Many a times the reason behind ED can be nutritional deficiency such as lack of potassium. With proper medical consultation you will be able to determine the causal nutritional deficiency behind ED. In some cases poor diet that includes fats and sugars can also be the reason behind the problem of ED. Sedentary lifestyle with excessive stress is also a harmful combination that erupts the problem of erectile dysfunction in many men.

However, with the help of natural remedies or treatments such as diet and lifestyle changes you will be able to recoverfrom ED. This non-invasive route of treatment will tremendously help men to restore sexual health.

The following list of food items will help you to alleviate erectile dysfunction and improve sexual health.

Lot of research is still going on to find the exact food items that will help to treat ED. But, the following list of foods have proven their ability in increasing sexual health.


chocolateChocolate,a delicious food item and very famous aphrodisiac. Chocolate has high amounts of flavonoids that is a natural antioxidant. Flavonoids help to repair and protect cells from damage. Lab studies have shown that flavonoids help the human body to lower the bad cholesterol levels, thereby improving blood pressure. Those men who suffer from low blood pressure should consume chocolates to elevate the blood circulation,as good blood circulation is necessary to have normal sexual health. Additionally, chocolates uplifts mood and mental condition, as it contains phenylethylamine, a mood booster. Thus, to remain active in bed consume dark chocolate on regular basis.


oysterOysters that belongs to the category of sea food is also one of the aphrodisiac. It contains zinc an important mineral that plays a major role in sexual health. Zinc helps the body produce the hormone testosterone. Zinc deficiency can lead to low sperm count, fertility issues and erectile dysfunction. Include in your diet oysters, to improve sexual health and mainly erectile dysfunction. Moreover, oysters also contains iron, which is key energy booster. Research has shown that raw oysters has chemical compounds that produce the sexual hormones in both women and men.


watermelonWatermelons have almost 92% water content in them, which is good for health. Many research studies have shown that watermelon may have similar contents like Viagra. The phytonutrients present in the flesh and rind part of watermelon eases the blood vessels that carry blood to the phallus organ. Moreover, these phytonutrients benefit the heart muscles as well. Consuming watermelon on regular basis surges the sexual desire in male and females.

Researchers are still finding the efficacy of watermelon to improve ED, however you can include this healthy food in your diet to gain health benefits.


AA026294Nuts such as pistachios have high amount of protein namely- argenine. This protein widens the arteries and relaxes blood vessels that boost blood circulation. A study has noted that ED effected men, who ate pistachios on regular basis, at least three times a week showed an improvement in sexual health mainly erectile dysfunction. They experienced significant enhancement in sexual desire and experience. Thus, consume pistachios to naturally boost sexual health.

With the above mentioned food items men can effectively alleviate sexual health without using any synthetic treatment or medications.

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