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Everything You Need To Know About Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Female sexual arousal disorder is a sexual health problem which is characterized by persistent inability to get and maintain sexual arousal until the completion of sexual activity. It is abbreviated as FSAD.

This condition may be due to many reasons like physical, emotional, relationships, experiences, and beliefs. Symptoms of female sexual dysfunction are:

Low sexual drive – Wherein, there is an absence of sexual drive or interest and will.

Sexual arousal disorder – Willing to have sexual activity but difficulty in maintaining sexual arousal.

Orgasmic disorder – Difficulty in achieving orgasm after sexual arousal and stimulation.

Sexual pain disorder – Pain after stimulation or vaginal contact.

With proper diagnoses and treatment with appropriate medications, you can cure female sexual dysfunction. However, you can use many natural remedies for treating female sexual dysfunction.

Sexual experience is an outcome of complex chemistry of emotions, physiology, beliefs, relationship, and lifestyle. Disturbance in any of these aspects might affect sexual arousal, desire, and satisfaction.

Causes of sexual dysfunction in women:

There are numerous causes of sexual dysfunction such as physical, psychological, social and hormonal that results in sexual problem.

• Physical – Medical conditions such as kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, bladder issues, cancer, etc. are some that lead to sexual disorder in men. Some medicines such as blood pressure medicine, antihistamines, and chemotherapy medications also lowers sexual desire and orgasm.

Long term use of some medicines for treating some underlying health condition can also lead to sexual health complications.

• Hormonal imbalance- Low levels of estrogen in women might cause changes in sexual organ and sensitivity. Reduced levels of estrogen causes low blood circulation towards the pelvic part, this adds up time in gaining arousal to attain orgasm with less sensitivity of genital part.

If a lady is not sexually active then her vaginal lining becomes thins with reduced elasticity. These features causes pain during intercourse. Moreover, sexual desire reduces with a dip in hormonal levels in women. The body’s hormonal level also lessens post pregnancy and while nourishing a baby, this can lead to insensitivity in reproductive organ that reduces sexual desire.

• Psychological issues- Mental distress such as stress, depression, and anxiety can lead to sexual health problems in women.

• Sexual abuse, tension of conceiving and strain of being a mother might have same effects.

• Long term conflicts in relationship with partner- it can be related to sex or other aspects of relationship can destroy the sexual receptiveness. Furthermore, religious issues, culture, and other problems with physical image may also cause sexual disorder in females.

If the sexual health problems are ongoing, then seek medical appointment with your physician. Always be aware of your sexual issues, as early diagnosis is of impotence of avoid any unwanted issue. It is vital to convey your sexual health issues with your health care advisor to avoid any unwanted health issues.

Moreover, you can also use oral drugs, treatments, or therapy suggested by your doctor, lifestyle changes, etc. to treat sexual health concern.

You can reduce alcohol consumption, cigarettes use and include in healthy diet. Additionally, you can perform regular exercise, indulge in relaxation techniques, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, etc. These remedies effectively alleviatefemale sexual dysfunction. Moreover, you will notice boost in sexual arousal and sexual experience, thereby making you happier and satisfied with your sexual life.

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