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Fosamax is one of the medicines that help in curing most of the bone related problems.

Fosamax is included or is one of the main medicines in the group, which is called bisphosphonates. It generally changes the making of the bone formation and the breakdown, which happens in the body. It slows down the process of bone loss and makes sure the bone mass is increased which makes the bone stronger and prevents the fractures. This medicine is generally used for both male and female treatment, which helps to prevent osteoporosis, which happens through menopause and can happen by taking in steroids. It is also used for treating men and to increase their bone mass plus to treat the disease called Paget in both sexes.

Many people who eat similar medicines to Fosamax generally have loss of bone in their jaw, which can also be called osteoporosis of jaw. Patients might incur symptoms like pain in the jaw, numbness, loose teeth, swelling, and slow healing and so on. You should not take this tablet if you cannot sit properly with a straight back or if u cannot stand for at least 30mins. Before and after eating this medicine you have to sit or stand straight for at least 30mins. This medicine is to be taken with one full glass of water and make sure it is plain water that you take in with.

This medicine is supposed to be taken as advised by the doctor. If you generally forget to take this medicine early in the morning, then you are not supposed to take it anytime in the later day. In addition, if you miss the medicine then 2tablets are not supposed to be taken as it might have adverse effects on your health. It is only supposed to be taken as advised by your physician. If you generally take this medicine once a week and you forget to take it on you scheduled day then please make sure to eat it next day early in the morning and then only return to your regular schedule of the week. Make sure that you do not take two tablets in one day.

If you have taken an overdose of the medicine, then seek medical attention urgently from your doctor right away. Drink one full glass of milk in order to control the medicine from spending. Urgently call poison control center of your area and so not sleep or lie down on your bed and make sure you do not vomit. When you have overdose you may experience symptoms like heartburn, diarrhea, muscle cramps, tight muscles and so on. This over dose might also affect you behavior in a normal manner. You should not take any type of other medication when you are on with the Fosamax dosage as some medicines make it very difficult for your body to absorb the medicine. You are not supposed to lie for at least 30mis when you take this medicine.  Some common side effects associated with this medicine are chest pain, worst heartburn, flu symptoms, difficulty and pain while eating your food, numbness, blood coming out while coughing, swelling in body and so on. It is necessary to always consult a doctor before you take this medicine.