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Future Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

erectile-dysfunctionIn this blog you will get a brief idea regarding the future treatments for erectile dysfunction. These treatment methods are comparatively more efficacious, instantly acting with less side effects than the present available methods. At this time there are mainly five oral medications available to treat erectile dysfunction namely- Generic Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Staxyn and Stendra. Many pharmaceutical manufacturer are searching new and innovative treatments to deal with erectile dysfunction. Few new methods for treating erectile dysfunction that are about to introduce are mentioned below-


Topiglan is a cream for topical use. This cream is tobe applied directly on the male penile region for temporary treating erectile dysfunction. It is safe and efficacious method. However, it is under clinical trials. Scientist are still scrutinizing on to which age group it will be suitable and whether the method will be effective on men who use suppository and injection form.


Uprima is an oral drug that is in pipeline to be used and an effective treatment for male impotence. It contains apomorphine as the vital ingredient. This medicine instantly dissolves on the tongue. The drug stimulates the chemical dopamine that is present in brain. This chemical helps to heighten sexual sensations and desires in men. However, it produces some side effects such as nausea and vomiting. A certain number of men passed outwith the consumption of Uprima. Thus, this ED treatment is yet to clear all the crucial parameters and not yet approved by the authorities. Use of this drug in the form of nasal spray is also under clinical trials. The nasal from of this drug causes lesser side effects.

Melanocortin activators:

Melanocortin activators are medicaments that act via central nervous system. These therapeutic drugs have shown to produce phallus erection in animal studies. Scientist have noted that the studies in human results in penile erection. In the initial studies in humans the medication is effective if administered intranasally in men with no psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. The medication is efficacious in mild to moderate problem of male impotence. However, there is need of larger studies to demonstrate the overall safety and effectiveness of this medicine.

Gene therapy:

Gene therapy is one of the novel therapy that provide genes that yield proteins that may be functioning abnormally in the penile tissue of male with erectile dysfunction. After replacement of these proteins there is an improvement in the erectile function. In clinical experiments on animal models, scientist have noted that there is an enhancement in erectile function subsequent to gene therapy. Human studies might also show success with gene therapy. However, gene therapy can take a long time for getting approval from regulatory authority and acceptance from public.

With the above mentioned new methods for treating erectile dysfunction men can have a stiff and hard erection for performing successful sexual act. These methods are said to have less side effects and might produce instant results. However, they are yet to be approved by the authorities for use. After strict scrutinization of these treatment methods approval will be given for use in men. Moreover, they will bring a revolution in ED medication and men with impotence issue will be able to easily use them to improve their sexual health.

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