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Generic Propecia is a medication that helps in curing baldness in male. This is a very new medicine in the market and is very effective.

It is very important for us to know and understand what medications are we taking or are being treated under as at times the same therapies can affect us intensely. Always take precautions like to inform your doctor to avoid complications and lead a happy and healthy life. Generic Propecia, this medicine is supposed to be taken orally and has shown results by increase in hair regrowth and hair count in 80% men to whom this medicine was prescribed. There have been many studies on the efficiency of Propecia and over all improvements is seen in 3 months after you start taking the medicine. This tablet not only reduces the hair fall but also increases the hair growth and hides the baldness. The effects remain and can be maintained for 2 years with continuous therapy of this medication.

Things to take care

This medication should be stored in room temperature, which can be between 59-86 degree F and 15-30 degree C, which is to be away from light and main moisture. This medication should be kept out of reach of children, as it can be harmful. This tablet is to be taken orally which is one each day. Propecia can also be known as finasteride, which helps in change of male hormone named androgen into DHT that is 5-alpha-dihydrotesterone.

Generally, in men the hair follicle has little quantities of DHT. The baldness pattern in male increases when this DHT in each hair follicle increase to a great extent this in turn causes hair loss which later turns into baldness. Propercia as a medicine make sure to reverse the process of hair loss through increase DHT and makes sure that there is right quantity of DHT in each follicle and blood and decreases if at all it is required.

Missed Dosage

In laboratory studies, there has also been reactions coz of this medicine, which was noted to be rare and curable. The most common effect was decrease in libido after intake of this medicine. However, all such problems were quickly sorted and resolved when men used to stop taking the medicine and discontinue with the treatment. Generally when you miss a dose then you have to  make sure that you take it as soon as you remembered but also see to it that you do not that the dose id it time for you to take the next dose, all you can do is skip the missed dose and continue taking the medication as scheduled. Make sure you do not double up to match up to the required dose a day. There is supposed to be time gap between the dosages taken.

When you are under the treatment of this medication make, sure you do not donate blood as any cost. You should wait until 6months after you have taken your last dosage as you blood can affect pregnant women and heart patient adverse effects on his health. Also, make sure that throughout the tenure of this medication you are in constant consultation, which you prescribed doctor to make sure all is fine with your health and you are not facing any problems. Keep your doctor much aware about your medical history so that he can treat you accordingly during the months you take this medicine.