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No need to worry about Claustrophobia now, Exercise Therapy will help you to get out of Claustrophobia.
Are you feared about closed places???Do you have excessive sweating more than normal ?If yes means you are suffering from claustrophobia is a rare disease differ from person to person. Claustrophobia the name simply defines the fear in closed places with no ventilation. Claustrophobia is a disease of fear having in an individual who suffocates in the closed atmosphere. In addition, the fear to get panic attacks in that particular situation. Claustrophobia is also known as “anxiety disorder “. The person who is going through this disease makes them very difficult to survive in particular places or situations, like underground area, closed rooms with no windows and ventilation to let air comes in, car with closed windows and no air condition, lifts in offices and residence.  Individuals who suffers from disease may get contact into various kind of physical reactions such as individual can face problems while breathing, sweating all over the body and nausea etc. Many exercises therapy will help you to get out of claustrophobia

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavior Therapy is the most essential therapy that is generally used for the individual who are suffering from claustrophobia. This therapy helps an individual’s to treat the claustrophobic brain and helps them to make the situation fearless and scary. This therapy helps to treat an individual slowly and steady to contact into small and fearless places and thus helps them to treat properly in a particular situation.

Drug therapy

Drug therapy helps to cope up with any kind of anxiety disorder but does not actually come up with the dilemma itself.

Exercise Therapy

Relaxation Meditation, Muscle relaxation, and walking in a fresh air can help you to deal with this problem. In addition, one can think positively about the disease and can cure it very quickly without any worries. Relaxation meditation all you have to do is to sit on soft cloth with folded legs, relax your body, close your eyes, gaze at the downward position you will feel your breathing sensation in a rhythmic order.

Natural Therapy

There is certain natural therapy that one can follow. Natural therapy can help to deal with natural products itself and does not occurs any kind of side effects or bad reactions on individuals health.

In vivo Therapy

This is a kind of exposure a person has to go through. This type of therapy called as “In vivo Exposure” in which an individual has to face the situation which threatens him. This exposure starts from a very low level to the middle level until an individual doesn’t come up to the higher level. In vivo Exposure helps an individual to face the problem such as going through an elevator that is considered to be the most threatening for several people suffering from claustrophobia.

Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy generally helps to deal with the situation with the help of computer technology. With help of computer it determines the complication or the fear that a person is suffering from. This therapy is very helpful for an individual as it is less expensive when compared to the other remedies that can be obtained by referring to a psychoanalyst.

Other treatments

Exercises are very necessary for a patient who is suffering from this phobia. Patient must give regular updates to the doctor regarding this disease and should follow proper exercises on time as this phobia can be treated with the aid of proper medications.