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Keeping your teeth healthy and shinny at the very early stage is very necessary from getting it decayed

Healthy teeth may lead to a beautiful smile so it is very necessary to keep your teeth as well as your baby’s teeth from getting it decayed. It is very beneficial to take a right care of your baby’s teeth at very early stage. It is important to clean baby’s gums and teeth regularly and avoid feeding them bottle milk or juices before going to bed.

Baby bottle tooth decay is usually known as the early childhood decay. The condition occurs when parent’s feds bottle liquid to their child at the bedtime. Due to the consumption of this natural or added sugar present in the liquid stays whole night in the baby’s teeth, thus may result into tooth decay. The tooth gets decay in children if they intake high amount of sugar or sweet in their diet.

The signal of decaying of the tooth is very much difficult to overlook, and should get treated by dentist as early as possible rather than to give rise to the teeth problems in the future.

The signals of the decaying of the tooth may simply show

Discolored Teeth

The discolorisation of the teeth may differ from various stages. Childs teeth may become discolored and appear some white patches on their teeth sometimes it may get brittle. The appearance of yellow color near the gum stripe may result that the tooth decay is gentle. If the brown or the black spots appear on the front four teeth then the damage is deliberate. If the child’s front teeth of the upward and downward side are totally appears black in color then the decay is cruel.

Inflamed Gums

If the baby bottle tooth decayed is not cured properly then it may lead to the inflammation in gums and may give rise to the infected gum disease. Periodontal disease is generally known as gum disease. This disease occurs when the plague or the bacteria remains in the teeth and fails to remove, hence it may infect the gums or the root of gums. The child may experience swelling, tenderness or redness in the gums. Baby bottle tooth decay may cause higher risk of the teeth to become it brutal and losses its strength.


The pain occurs due to the inflamed gums. Baby or the young child may lead to mouth and gum pain. The pain may vary from the progress of the decaying of the tooth or the gums. The child may feel gentleness of the gum if it get touched or treated by the dentist.