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Usually bloated tummy makes you feel irritated and also creates a feeling of shamefulness when you are in public places. Also there are many it happens that a person with a bloated tummy feels pangs of pain thus in order to get rid of this complication follow the tips given below  to reduce the problem of bloating.

Bloating is the annoying situation where your tummy is filled with excess gas due to over eating or even found in the woman at the time of her menstrual cycle. In such circumstances the abdomen of the person starts to enlarge which happens due to excessive formation of intestinal gas which doesn’t pass through belching or flatulence.  Here are the simple remedies to reduce this annoying bloating.

  • In order to reduce bloating you need to lessen the amount of salt or intake of sodium in your food.
  • Regular exercise is must so do it as much as possible.
  • Keep away the food stuffs which are fatty or gassy or the one which contains lactose. This includes substances like beans, milk, sweet potato, potato, some pulses and grams and cabbage
  • Chew your food completely, slowly and taking all the time you want but do not gulp them hurriedly.
  • Chewing gums should be avoided as while you chew a gum you swallow lot of air.
  • Avoid eating too many starchy foodstuffs as this includes a lot of proteins which overall increases bloating.
  • Do not eat excess whatever the stuff might be, as too much eating causes bloating in your tummy.
  • Try to eat food or drinks which are at room temperature rather than having too cold.
  • If the food stuffs include many quantities of cheese, mayonnaise, chocolate should not be consumed as they include excess contents of sodium, bloating can be caused.
  • Snacks like potato or other chips or popcorns flavored with sodium content, sodas, toffees or candies should be strictly avoided as this increases bloating of your tummy.
  • Remember to have rich fibered food as this do not causes the problem of constipation, which is another aspect of bloating.