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Good Cheese for Healthy Teeth

“Good teeth leads to good smile” all these saying look good only if you have them. Very true, having good and healthy teeth is must to have a good smile that can reflect best persona about your personality.  One of the most important factors that showcase healthy habits within you is healthy teeth. Brushing twice a day can’t give your teeth the vital nutrients and proteins that it needs to stays healthy and fit. There are many food items that are proved beneficial for good healthy teeth. But teeth mostly contain calcium in it which can be sourced only from good dairy products like milk.

It’s been ages now that humans are been encouraged to drink milk every day. Often do many, in their childhood ask a lot about reasons to drink milk. And the most instant answer to these tiny tots’ questions would be for strong and healthy teeth. And this is also true for the sister products of milk like kefir, yogurt and cheese. This is because; milk and milk products are enriched with good source of protein and calcium. Therefore, in many nutritional and diet programs milk and other portions of milk products are compulsory for everyday intake especially for growing children, breast feeding mothers and pregnant women.

Teeth are made up of Calcium and Calcium is the main ingredient of milk which is very important for development and growth of teeth and bones. Thus the best source that can be lured to children is cheese. Developing healthy habits of having cheese in diet helps in maintaining the calcium of teeth and helps them from weakness. Thus it is been proven in researches that at least a cube of cheese can increase 112% of plaque-calcium concentration. This helps the teeth to get harden easily and decreases softening of teeth. Cheese also improves remineralization of the tooth and also prevents demineralization at the same time. This can be notice in any of the cases whether the person eat it raw or eats a cooked cheese.

Not just by improving the health of teeth, eating cheese is beneficial for the person but also in other several ways such as it also reduces the chances of getting cavities. But it turns out that eating cheese may be good for your teeth in several ways. Whenever, we eat food, the pH level of our teeth often drops making our mouth more acidic after every meal. Thus teeth are very sensitive to acid and thus by  eating cheese the PH level in the mouth is maintain that makes you teeth safe from cavity. There are various types of cheese that have shown reduces dental problems such as aged cheddar, brie, gouda, Swiss, blue, Monterey jack, and processed American cheese.

Quick facts about Cheese

  •  In US, cheddar cheese is the most popular cheese
  • At or below  4 degree Celsius cheese should be stored
  • Soft cheeses have less shelf life than hard cheeses

Aged cheeses tend to have less lactose than young cheeses therefore if you are lactose tolerant than prefer aged cheeses rather young cheese.