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Grab Some Knowledge about Virginity

Have you come across with the word virginity. If you have not then not a problem here is the article that will educate you about the virginity.

Well, you might have got confused about virginity and virgin oil right? But let me tell you it’s not about virgin oil.

Virginity has a different definition that is related to the sexual part of every woman. Women who have never experienced bed life are normally known as virgin. The hymen is a thin fleshy membrane that closes the mouth of your vagina. The hymen opens in various forms like crescents or circular. Hymens consist of the small hole that opens to pass out the menstrual flow through the uterus. Hymens are broken and stretched due to the erection of penile while making love. In some cases, if the hymen gets broken it starts bleeding and women feels most uncomfortable.

The Hymen

Hymens are thin membrane walls that consist inside the woman’s vaginal part. These hymens usually break when a woman experiences bed relation for the first time. Its starts bleeding after hymen gets broken during sexual relation. Hymens have a great elasticity and it doesn’t rupture even in some cases, after making love relation. The tearing of hymens is not only due to the sexual relation but it can also rupture due to masturbation, usage of tampons, dancing, stretching your legs while exercising. Hymens don’t show the sign of whether you are virgin or non virgin.

Gender Differences

The perspective of virginity by both the gender is quite dissimilar. Men think that having virginity is totally a shame and search many ways to get away from this stigma. Whereas, females think that virginity is a god gift that they have to reserve it for their husband or for someone special. According to the different society’s perspective, men having an experience of sexual relation with several times is said as virile. While female with several sexual experience said as immoral. However, the meaning of sexual relation and virginity can be considered as the same.

The Meaning of Sexual relation

The sexual relation and virginity is one and the same. In societies, people think that sexual relation starts when a woman and men sexual organs are interacted with each other. Virginity defines when, women or men have not experienced in the sexual activity. A person, who doesn’t enjoy their love life, will also fail to enjoy other sexual behavior. When a woman is sexually abused or raped is said that she is not a virgin.


Heterosexual relation is typically known as sexual relation with different genders. Consequently, homosexual people can also be virgin. Lesbians are said to be virgin unless they encounters with sexual objects. In the case of gay, man is said to be virgin, unless they had another sexual activity with the same gender.