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How Do Button Mushrooms Benefit Your Health

Button mushrooms are packed with essential nutrients that help to cure problem like cancer and heart. Apart from that, it has too many health benefits so lets us study.

We commonly use white button mushrooms in salads, soups, burgers, sandwiches and most of our daily recipes. Did you know that these button mushrooms offer several health benefits. Button mushrooms have a great nutrition value. Here we list out a few miraculous health benefits of the button mushrooms.

Eating Button Mushrooms Leads To a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is a major cause of death in many nations around the world. Heart disease is mainly caused due to atherogenesis. Atherogenesis is the process of formation of plaque on the walls of arteries. This plaque can cause hardening of arteries and arteriosclerosis. If you eat button mushrooms, it prevents blood cells from sticking to the walls of the arteries. It also helps to reduce inflammation. This way eating button mushrooms may reduce the risk of heart disease or might even prevent heart disease completely.

Eating Button Mushrooms can help prevent Cancer

If you include button mushrooms in your daily diet, you may reduce the risk of getting cancer. Button mushrooms prevent the growth of cancer cells. They can help to treat prostate, colon and breast cancer. If you include half cup of button mushrooms in your daily diet, these can fight breast cancer tumors.

Eating Button Mushrooms can improve your Immune System

Some specific cells in the body are called natural killer cells. They respond to foreign invaders like cancer cells or viruses. These natural killer cells are very essential for the body’s health. If you eat button mushrooms, they increase the activity of these natural killer cells and thus improve your immune system. The immune system is boosted by the polysaccharide content in button mushrooms.

Nutritional Benefits of Eating Button Mushrooms

Button Mushrooms are also great for nutrition. The white button mushrooms are a great source of several essential nutrients. These mushrooms contain a high amount of copper which is necessary to produce blood cells and maintain the health of your heart. They are also a great source of Vitamins B, C and D and minerals like iron, selenium, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, zinc and magnesium. What is even more amazing is that even after cooking, mushrooms retain most of their nutrients.

Include Button Mushrooms in your Weight Loss Diet

Button mushrooms are a great source of several essential nutrients. Yet they add very few calories. 100g of button mushrooms add just 15 calories. They do not contain 0.4g Fat and no saturated fat at all. Thus, you must definitely add button mushroom to your diet menu. It is not just packed with healthy nutrients but it also helps you to keep a check on the calorie count.

So now, you have the reasons of why you must include button mushrooms in your daily diet. Next time you plan to prepare soup, make sure to add in a few pieces of mushrooms in it. Make sure to top your salads with a few slices of mushrooms. If you are on a diet plan, you can experiment some low calorie recipes. Add variety to your diet plan by including some healthy button mushroom recipes.