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How to discern Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is a kind of sexually transmitted disease that can attack both men and women.  The virus passes through the one who is sexually active.

Genital herpes is a familiar Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). A virus called “Herpes simplex” causes Genital herpes in both men and women. It can be quite gentle in some cases and can be extremely painful for some of them.

How can be Genital Herpes passed on to others?

Genital herpes is a virus that passes on from a person to the other during or right after the outbreak.

  • Genital herpes can be passed on from one person to the other by having anal or vaginal sexual act or by sharing sexual toy of the person who is already facing this problem.
  • By getting in touch with skin while having sex or can also be passed on by close genital touch. This passing on of Genital herpes need not have to be penetrative sexual act.
  •  Not only this, Genital herpes can also be spread if the virus is active during the sexual contact that too on the outer surface of the region that has been protected by latex or condom.
  • It can also spread due to oral sexual act with a person already affected to Genital herpes.
  • If an individual with Genital herpes on the finger or hand contacts a partner’s genitals, anal or vagina area.
  • If a pregnant women is having an outbreak of Genital herpes during her puberty days, then the virus of herpes can be passed on to her baby.

What are the signs and symbols of Genital herpes?

A lot of people will not have any noticeable symptoms or warning signs at all, or not be conscious about the indications. A number of people will get indication within five to six days of coming into any kind of contact with the virus of Genital herpes. On the other hand, in several people the virus of Genital herpes may be in the body for days, weeks, months or probably even for years before any visible symptom.  Hence, when you get a hold of any symptoms it doesn’t inevitably signify you have just attacked with the virus.

If then too you can visibly see any of the signs, then they typically follow a particular patterns.

  • Feeling usually ill with flu-like signs such as pains, headache, fever, swollen glands, tiredness, and aches in the lower back and downward in the groin or legs.
  • Following this, itching, stinging or tingling in the anal or genital area can also be observed.
  • Other signs of Genital herpes include a petite blister filled with fluid kind of stuff. This can pop up in anal or genital region, on the tops of thighs or on the buttocks.  These burst quickly within one or two days leaving behind a small reddish sores. This can be extremely painful.
  • Pain while urinating or peeing can be noticed when the flow of urine is over the sores of Genital herpes