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Incalculable People in this globe Suffer from Asthma

As per the survey taken there are around 23 million of people who fall under the adult group are suffering from asthma and 9 million children from every corner of the world are suffering from severe asthma problem. Children who reside in United States are prone to the chronic illness which leads due to asthma which have increased the count of children who stay absent in their schools. There are around 40,000,000 people in United States who are suffering from asthma problem from which one among the thirteen children are prey to asthma. Due to which the death rate in US has increased from the birth rate from past twenty years.

Do you know how people get affected by asthma?

Asthma is caused due to narrow bronchioles which narrows the airways inside the lungs. If the narrowing takes place for a longer period of time asthma problem becomes severe. This problem can be caused at any age and can continue for years but are mainly seen in children who are in between the age of 3 to 15years.

How do we come to know if a person is suffering from asthma?

The common indications are cough or wheezing. This is the time when the breath gets choked up and an individual gets a feeling of chest tightness. The sign of asthma can change from person to person but one of the common symptoms of asthma is heavy cough and wheeze. This problem may take place for an hour, for a week or even stay permanent if it’s not been treated as soon as possible.

Asthma can be caused due to the following situations?

Asthma can become a problem for the people who suffer from infection like cold, chest infection, pollens, and smoke lead due to cigarettes, emotions, dust particles and allergies due to animal hair.

How can an individual get freedom from asthma problem?

Asthma is a problem which cannot be cured that easily the things which can be done are consult a doctor as soon as you get the symptoms of asthma, use inhaler as per the necessicity, consult a professional doctor for tablets which may open the narrow airways and take proper rest when asthma problem takes place.