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Kidney stone: A new trend in diseases

Kidney is the most conspicuous and delicate organ of the body, but some complications in the kidney can cause major problems. The main function of the kidney is to filter the blood supply and dispose the waste in the form of urine. When the waste material is not expelled from the body debris gets formed which eventually leads to the formation of stones. A stone formed in the kidney creates blockage and acts as a hurdle in the process of disposing the junk waste. It is a painful situation when the narrow tubes of the bladder are blocked by kidney stones. Kidney stones are as small as the size of grain; therefore, people who suffer from kidney stones remain unnoticed when they pass through the kidney and the urinary system. The size of kidney stones increases as they come in contact with calcium and salt and thus lead to serious infection and severe pain in the urinary track.

What causes kidney stone?

Kidney stone have become much common in the past few years as most of the world’s population are addicted to junk food. There are several reasons that are believed to be the cause of kidney stones. Scientists have not yet come up with the proven cause that can lead to kidney stone, but the following are believed to be the major factors that can cause the above problem.

Diet: A proper and healthy diet it the most important part in an individual’s lifestyle. Consumption of eatables that contain high amount of calcium and uric acid causes formation of stones in the kidney. Antacids and diuretic pills contain high amount of calcium and thus have to be avoided.

One working kidney: People who have only one working kidney are at the maximum risk or have chances of developing stones in the kidney, as only one kidney is forced to do the job of two.

Climatic conditions: A usually climatic condition leads to various diseases in the body. When the climate is dry the body gets dehydrated and the urine becomes more concentrated, this concentration allows minerals and chemicals in the body to form crystals in the urinary track, which leads to the formation of stones in the kidney.

Heredity: It is believed that certain traits passed on through our genes maybe one of the reason. Some people genetically are not able to maintain certain salts and acids in the body such as amino acid and oxalate which increase the chances of formation of crystals.

The best prevention and the treatment for kidney stone is consumption of water in good amount in a day. At least 8 ounces of water in a day is enough to keep the body hydrated and also to keep the urine dilute so as to avoid further complications related to the kidney.