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Know the Reason of Abrupt Aridness on Face Skin

Sudden dryness in the face skin can occurs due to various changes in the weather lets learn more about this article.

The instant dryness of the facial skin doesn’t get dry quickly but the drying process of the facial skin takes a long time to make it dry. The process of dryness in the facial skin is because of damaging of the skin due to sun exposure, natural aging of the skin and self-renewal abilities. The expansion of the allergies in due course makes cause sudden result in skin problems. The environmental factor is the main reason to make your skin dry suddenly. If you are going through the dryness of the facial skin then know the actual causes and cures of dry skin.


Dryness on the face skin includes environmental Factors like windburn, exposure to extreme temperatures, sunburn, low humidity. Dryness of facial skin even because due to other substances like cosmetics, harsh soap, pool chlorine, allergies, irritation on the sensitive skin, household cleaners, all this reasons causes dry skin. Ichthyosis and hypothyroidism is a rare disorder is the other listed symptoms of skin dryness. If your child is experiencing with the rapid dry skin on face then he/she is going through common skin problems that mostly happens to babies known as atopic dermatitis. The symptom of this dermatitis cause allergies and most probably affects the face skin.


The effects of the dry facial skin are severe. The dry face skin can get irritated very easily because face skin is more delicate than the body skin. The dryness of the face skin can appear redness, flaking, itching, and roughness, peeling and cracking. If you scrape the inflamed part of your sensitive skin, then you are more likely to appear breaking of the skin and draw blood. Scratching can cause the infection or even permanent skin damage.

Time Frame

The symptoms of the atopic dermatitis in kids may stays temporarily between the age of 2 or 3. In some cases, atopic dermatitis can come back in the teenage years or adults. The skin problems can remain only for sometime if a remote problem is after it like sunburn, or trying new cosmetics products, exposure of sensitive skin. The resultant of the dermatitis condition is named as contact dermatitis. The treatments that are used for the symptom of dry skin or environmental causes mainly get lighter and convenient within two to three weeks.


The best treatment used for the dry skin is to reduce pain and inflammation avoiding re exposure and irritants, as it’s a primary goal to keep a very good care of skin rather than worsening the problem. Cleansing and moisturizing is the basic treatment that you can used, you must avoid the use of mild soap if you your skin appear red or broken. Use of fingertips to clean the face you must take care that the nail should not pierce the skin or else it will make the problems worsen and damage it draws a blood from broken skin. Must use fragrance free moisturizer lotion to keep your skin supple, applying moisturizer for at least four to five days help your skin from drying it.