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Ladygra helps in solving the sexual problems and let her enjoy the sexual intercourse with her partner.

Many of us think that only men go through the problem of sexual dysfunction when he is making love with his spouse, by not being aware that there are many cases in which women also face the same problem, which does not give them the satisfaction to have fun with their husbands. This happens when women feel insensitivity in their vaginal area due to which one is recommended the consumption of Ladygra.

Cause of sexual dysfunction in women

This mainly happens due to low blood circulation or even or some kind of dryness in the vaginal area of a woman due to which she is not able to have the pleasure and fun with her partner. In extreme cases, a woman will not be able to enjoy her sexual life with her partner, which can hamper the love life of a couple.

How does Ladygra help?

Ladygra is made keeping in mind the problem a woman faces while making love to her husband and the causes that is low blood circulation in the vaginal area. Ladygra consists of some components, which fight the dysfunction that a woman faces. With the help of Ladygra, the normal procedure of sensitivity is carried on without any disturbance. The presence of component in Ladygra helps a woman to be sexual active for a longer period and enjoy the sexual intercourse with husband.

Dosage & Precaution

The sensitivity in the reproductive organ of any female is caused when she is sexually aroused so it is essential to make sure that she is sexually aroused before she consumes that medicine. A woman has to take this medicine 50 to 55 minutes before sexual intercourse with her partner.

A woman also needs to take major care as Ladygra has sildenafil citrate as its major component. Thereby any female who is allergic to this component should avoid using Ladygra as it could lead to side effects. In addition, if any female is consuming nitrate in any form, this dosage needs to be avoided. The combination of sildenafil and nitrate could be a deadly combination and hence needs to be avoided. Another side effect of Ladygra is indigestion and it could lead to dizziness. These are some of the common side effects, which are not severe. Consumption of alcohol and smoking is also not recommended while a woman consumes Ladygra as it slows down the reaction of the dosage. There may be instances when you may feel chest pain or feel very uneasy during sexual intercourse. At such times, it is essential that you seek medical help and consult your doctor, as it could be dangerous.

Women who are above 65 years of age and are having health problems are also recommended to avoid using Ladygra. Ay consumption of Ladygra should be done only after consulting your doctor and showing him your medical history. A woman who is breastfeeding a kid or a pregnant woman should also avoid using Ladygra as it could complicate health problems further.