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The best and simple seasonal light therapy to calm yourself from getting into depression and it helps to swing your mood with a happy thought.

Light therapy has proven the best therapy to come out from depression. This therapy is repeatedly used for seasonal affective disorder. Where people may fall into depression at particular time of year. In light therapy a person has to expose themselves through a light therapy box which provide light same as the ordinary light.

A person going through this type of therapy usually develops depression during the winter season, mainly in northern areas where there is a less exposure of sunlight in winter season. In Light therapy, the special lamp is used such as sun lamp or light box that represents sunlight. This therapy affects the chemical into brain and changes the person’s mood. Another therapy is phototherapy that uses a procedure that contains a white fluorescent tube with a plastic divider that covers the ultraviolet rays to pass directly.

Uses of sunlamps

Step 1

You have to use a proper light box that can be easy to purchase. This particular sunlamp should be covered properly according to your assurance. Due to use of light box, it low down the power of the light and does not affect the rays directly to your eyes and mind. Light box acts as a divider to pass direct ultraviolet rays on you. You should concern your doctor before purchasing the light box; doctor may recommend you to purchase a particular light box as your needs.

Step 2

Free yourself for at least 30 minutes sit next to your light box every day. If you use this process, everyday for a proper time limit then you may shorten this treatment by yourself. Your doctor will recommend you to sit next to light box for at least 15 minutes at the very first step then you have to pro long this procedure.

Step 3

You have to place your light box where you are habitual to those places such as near your couch, while watching TV, while working on computer, eating on dining table etc. You have to place your light box at very short distance where you sit specially in the daytime.

Step 4

There is no need of wearing special clothes while using this treatment. You should avoid sunglasses because it may stop the affect of light that is essential to pass the chemical to brain.