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Meltabs Effortless Swallowing Tablets for Powerless Men

Meltabs are different as compared to other forms of Generic Viagra that come as pills, capsules and tabs. This new form of erectile dysfunction treatment advocates the most efficient technique for absorption of medicated substances in the body- the sublingual mode of administration.

The key ingredient of Meltabs is Sildenafil citrate. It is the same substance that is found in Viagra and is the sole reason men are able to become active in bed again. Meltabs is one of the most competent medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men and ensures that the man has a stiff and hard erection that allows them to become more impotence and have an intercourse that gives him and his partner equal pleasure for sexual intercourse.

This Generic Viagra medication is a PDE5 inhibitor that acts on the causative factors of impotence, ensuring that they are once again able to have their organ hard and stiff; as and when they want. The action of this  generic Viagra lasts for more than 4 to 6 hours, a time limit that is believed to be sufficient for a couple to indulge in the process of love making. Meltabs has helped millions of men deal with erectile dysfunction in a safe and effective manner.

Meltabs gets easily dissolved and also gets absorbed in the blood easily because the area under the tongue has a rich supply of capillaries that absorb the medicated substance in Meltabs, directly circulating them in the body. Medically, the digestion of these tablets begins in the mouth but that is not the same with other pills. Solid Generic Viagra which is swallowed is broken down in the stomach through digestive juices, reach intestines after which they are absorbed to act. For them, the saliva does not act as a medium for digestion.

Meltabs offer the fastest mode of entry and action. Hence, a man can begin sexual activity within 15 minutes of taking this drug unlike the conventional medications that can take 40 to 69 minutes to act. Meltabs does not need to be taken after a meal as this is one pill that is least likely to produce any form of an acidic reaction in the stomach. Most of the pill melts and get absorbed in the oral cavity so its exposure to the digestive juices in the stomach is extremely low.