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People suffering from this complication a have also found that multiple sclerosis is also the major reason for the changes in the thalamus. Thalamus is the central area that acts as a post office that passes on the message to the rest of the brain. Thalamus is also the area that has the least amount of damage caused from lesions in the brain.

The study authors also noted that several other factors such as ageing can bring about changes in the size of the thalamus, this happens mostly in the age of 70 years. However, the research team wanted to see if multiple sclerosis (MS) — which is often associated with the onset of dementia — accelerates such structural shifts.

The radiology researchers used cutting-edge MRI scanning equipment to analyze brain structure in 109 MS patients, compared to 255 healthy men and women.  And the results of this MRI scanning were found that patients with MS (multiple sclerosis) have greater loss in the thalamus region than the healthy patients after accounting their age. The patient was more disabled than r with the greater loss in the thalamus.