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NICE, All the Way Through for VTE Drug Appraisal

Nice has fast tracked guidance drafted on the recommendation of the use of Apixaban (Eliquis, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer) as the most recommended option for adults who have undergone a planned hip replacement or a total knee replacement.  This medication is especially meant for the after effects of hip or knee replacement that is VTE (venous thromboembolism). VTE is a complication where in a person h as undergone surgery is mostly susceptible for blood clots in the veins that occurs in the wrong place. This condition is called as thromboembolism in scientific terms. With the help of Apixaban people can prevent the blood clotting in the veins.

VTE occurs in people following the procedures without anticoagulant treatment the prevalence of DVT ranges from 41 to 85 per cent after elective knee surgery and from 42 to 57 per cent following elective hip surgery, while the risk of DVT and pulmonary embolism occurring together is up to 0.9 to 28 per cent in hip replacement and up to 1.5 to 10 per cent in knee replacement. In the year 2010 nearly 120000 hip and knee replacement surgeries were carried out in England and Wales.

In order to reduce the risk of VTE, NICE is looking forward for the appraisal Apixaban which is an oral medication employed to prevent blood clotting by inhibiting coagulation factor Xa from its action mechanism. This medication is recommended to use shortly after surgery and should be followed for a few weeks after the surgery.

NICE evaluation director Professor Carole Longson said her organization was pleased to have been able to publish draft final guidance just six months after the treatment received its license for VTE prevention in patients following hip and knee surgery.