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Pfizer to cut down one Percent Discounts Availed to the Pharmacists

Pfizer which is one of the most trusted and beloved pharmaceutical company has been  in news since it lost the patent of Lipitor and Ranbaxy took over  the charge of manufacturing the generic version of this  medication called Generic Lipitor.  Pfizer is again in news with a new step.  Pfizer is cutting the discounts on its patent protected medicines that are only available on the pharmacists. Pfizer has cut down one percent in an overhaul of its drug discounts scheme.

Pfizer has divided the scheme into three product categories that are patented medicines, off-patent medicines and a “discount not given” category, which includes refrigerated lines, controlled drugs and some hospital medicines.

This new overhaul in discounts will be applicable from 1 January 2012; patented drugs will be liable to a discount of 7.5 per cent instead of the current 8.5 per cent and the additional top ups on discounts on the patented medicines will be still availed that will be linked with the density of the drugs that are ordered or on the amount of money. Off-patent drugs will be invoiced at full NHS list price but will not be eligible for a top-up discount.

Paul Wilson, commercial account director at Pfizer UK, said: “We haven’t changed our discount scheme in over four years, yet our portfolio has changed enormously. We are amending our discounts to suit our new portfolio.”  Pfizer has already invested a lot in the community pharmacy over a few years and are still completely committed towards investing for supporting the pharmacies and the pharmacy staff as well.