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Psychological imbalance can lead to self harm tendency

Many people suffer from the condition of harming themselves. This can include cutting, hitting, and stressing their body without natural cause

Harming your own body is not a natural act. Pain and stress are some of the elements that always alarm people. But some may seem to like it. This may be because of some physical and more of it because of psychological reasons. People may resort to these activities because of mental stress. Young teenagers and even adults may undertake this action.

Some people have the absurd liking of seeing blood. So they may cut themselves just to view the oozing blood. Other individuals may fancy pain and may deliberately hurt themselves. This may be due to mental trauma in the childhood or other mental issues. Forgetfulness and schizophrenia may together pose greater problems.


Self harm can also be inspired through violent movies or issues at home. If there are constant fights between family members, it may negatively affect the mind of the person. In stress and pressure, they might feel like harming themselves. It is therefore advisable to keep away sharp objects like knives, needles, forks, and other things that can hurt, from the person who has a tendency to this.

It even has begun as a new trend. Many people just do it because others around are hurting themselves. Bad relationships and pressure at work or school can also result in this. It is therefore seen mostly seen in teenagers and other children also. Adults who may perform such things may need special attention. This behavior can be temporary.

Sometimes this behavior can just be present at the spur of the moment due to a reaction to a particular stimulant. Sometimes because of peer pressure as in to stay in the group, children may do something like this. They may not even mean to do it but may do it just for the heck of it. Excessive bleeding from the wound can lead to issues that are more serious.

The bleeding may not stop and this can lead to unconsciousness. Certain times, it may cause death. Scars can appear on the skin because of this. Not every injury can heal faster. This may invite infections and the immune system can get weak. This may result in blood circulation problem and also dizziness or headache. Self harm may make other diseases to come into being.

Prevention and treatment

Get the person to consult a psychiatrist and a physician to deal with this condition of self harm. Cognitive behavioral therapies will surely help the individual to come out of this problem. Identifying the root cause is necessary. Be it physical or mental, it has to be eliminated. Only then, the person will find relief.

The individual may want to take off some emotional baggage. Family and friend support is also necessary. If you see any signs of depression in them during treatment, talk to them. Get in touch with the doctor and clean the wounds, if any untoward activity takes place. See to it that the injury is properly treated to avoid infection.