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Respite your eyes from computer eyestrain

Reduce the effects cause due to eyestrain with proper and effective exercises that can keep your eyes healthy.

The usage of computers in today’s world is more useful. People use computers more often at home as well as in the workplaces. Many of us spend almost a whole day with the computer that can cause eyestrain. The repetitive use and the concentration while viewing the screen can cause stress and strain on your eyes.

The symptoms of computer eye strain can cause headache, blur vision and dryness in eyes. One can reduce the strain from your eyes by keeping your computer monitor away from your arm length and head. One must take care that they are using a proper lenses while working on computer. Giving a proper rest to your eyes every time can reduce the symptoms of computer eyestrain.

To keep your eyes healthy and away from stress and strain due to computer can follow the proper exercises.


Blinking your eyes repeatedly can appear tears in your eyes and moisten the surface of eyes that helps to keep your eyes away from strain and relax them. Normally, a person blinks their eyes very frequently while working on computer. The less rate of blinking of eyes with additional dry air especially in the offices makes your eyes dry more quickly and thus makes you discomfort. One must blink their eyes 10 times every 20 minutes to rewet from making them dry and irritable.

Near-Far Focus

You can concentrate on any other object that is six inches away from your computer screen. One can follow this technique by taking a deep breath hold it for a second and exhale slowly and then focus to any object that is 10 feet away from you. Again, take a deep breath exhale and focus on the close object. One must repeat this task every after 20 minutes. Keep your focus from a distance on any object that can help to reduce development of accommodation spasm, which is similar to the cramp in the eyes. Your eye muscle gets relaxed due to concentrating the object in distance places. You can also suffer from focusing fatigue due to prolong concentration on the computer. This fatigue can be reduced by taking a break often from the computer screen.

Relaxing Your Eyes

Taking several breaks off from the computer can make you feel comfortable from strain and stress. One must follow this relaxation technique by resting your palms, placing your elbows on the desk and facing up. Take a deep breath hold it for a second and release. Repeat this exercise regularly to keep your eyes from stress and dryness.