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Slice some Hydrated Foods for Hydrated Body

Take on foods with structured water nutrients should be intake every day in this summer season to have your body as hydrated body.

Summer is on and we are actually feeling its heat and hot. Our body really needs to buck up to be hydrated all long to have better energy and glucose during the sunny day. It’s not just summer that we need to be healthy and hydrated, to stay fit and strong every day. This is because, everyday our body keeps replacing and repairing the damaged cells in our body. And this is processed with the food and drinks that we intake regularly throughout the day. Thus to nourish the cellular health within you, one must keep its body full with cell- protecting antioxidants and healthier cell membranes.

The following are some healthy food items that will keep you hydrated all the time:


This fruit will give you the best source of antioxidants that will help you have well hydrated body all throughout the day. It’s the best source polyphenols which has the abilities in increasing protective wall against harmful sunscreens and further give you an anti-tan skin.  In your breakfast one can have pomegranates in morning cereal or can be added with yogurt, or fruit salads for an energizing breakfast meals.


We all know it’s been the best source of low calorie food stuff but it also contains water components in high content which will allow you have a hydrated body. Silica a trace mineral is found in cucumbers that add to the vigor of connective tissue. But one should not shed away those skins of cucumber because it’s been enrich with vitamins like A, C and folic acid.


Parching skin very frequently then just simply munch on mango! This is because, mangoes are full with vital nutrients like minerals and vitamins especially vitamin A. this vitamin helps in rejuvenating of and production of skin cells. It is said so that mangoes also can prevent acne and can help you have blemished free improved skin. Thus when they are taken as a dietary supplement, it helps your body processes from producing excessive production of skin cells in the stratum corneum. Thus have a hydrating and refreshing natural treat every day in your meal by adding 4 to 5 slices of mango to every meal.


It is seen to be a food source of potassium, and healthy fats and fiber that help us hold water content. In addition it also contains within it highly enriched food source known as monosaturated fats that contain oleic acid. This helps in improving fat levels in the body and further enhances diabetes and cholesterol control. One can have avocado slices within the layers of sandwiches or simply scoop avocado out of its peel as a snack.


This one should be right on your meal plate and other greenies like spinach which are seen to be a good source of alpha lipoic acid. It is an anti inflammatory and potent fat- and water-soluble antioxidant. Simply snack down this veggie by tossing it raw into your salads.