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Some Anti Aging codes for Men

Men can now become younger and healthy with the anti aging strategies that are the most simplest and easiest.

A large number of anti aging strategies helps to hold down the time and health to lead a long life for men. Healthy lifestyles can promotes and give an additional years in their life. The percentage of longevity of the women is 6 percent than men. The percentile condition appears in men due to health problems in men such as heart disease, cancer etc. estrogen protects women from heart diseases until there menopause. The reason, why women has lesser chances of heart disease than men.

Longevity of the men increases with higher healthy habits in them and increase the chances of 89 percent of life span in men. The negative effects in men can reduce the longevity due to higher cigarettes smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol. All this habits give rise to the heart disease, high blood pressure, and with less energy level etc.

The main 7 steps for the anti aging for men include.

Maintaining healthy weight

The over weighted person can almost take away 4 years from there life. The person with their obesity can hack almost seven years from their life. Almost 7500 men and women are who carry a large amount of belly fats in the fortieth age probably meet with the disease dementias when they are likely to turn at the 70th age.

Maintain your diet

The maintenance of diet is utmost very important to reduce anti aging factors in men. Consumption of fast foot which has a higher amount of salt is likely to increase the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.  The healthy diet normally reduces the risk of such health disease and increases the longevity. It has been proved that balanced diet and healthy diet helps to keep your heart healthy and fit. Intake of fruits and vegetable sin your diet is very essential this will help not only keep you healthy and fit but keep your skin fresh and glowy.

Regular exercise

Exercising regularly is the best way to say bye to all type of diseases. Exercise will help your longevity and strengthen your muscles also gives flexibility to your bones. The person who is suffering from joint pains must follow regular exercise to give a new strength to the bone.

Quit smoking

Smoking can vigorously damage your lungs and may lead to many health problems. Smoking reduces the life span of the men at the very early stage

Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking plenty of fluids is very necessary to keep your body hydrated and keep your skin compactness. Intake of fruit juices is very essential to remain your body from dehydration and keep your health as well as skin healthy and glowy.

Manage stress

Stress may lead to lesser your longevity. Stress can increase high blood pressure and heart attacks and reduces the immunity level. The best way to reduce stress is to practices yoga and meditation regularly for at least 20 minutes day

Regular check ups

A regular checkup from your doctor helps you to reduce many health problems.