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Take Care of Xerostomia with Helpful Exercises

Treat your Xerostomia or dry mouth by stopping it from getting serious with effective exercises and proper nutritional diet.

Lack of saliva in mouth may lead to problem like Xerostomia or dry mouth. This problem occurs due to lack of moist and water in your mouth. Due to Xerostomia the person can able to see cracked lips, bad breathing, makes difficulty in speaking and feel pain in throat. Xerostomia may also reason to decaying of the tooth, digestion problem, and lack of ability to taste the food.

Most probably, the symptom such as chewing and swallowing becomes very difficult for people who are going through this problem. However, these symptoms can be treated very easily through rehydration.

Tongue exercise has proved very effective in treating with problem. It is very important for you to diagnose and take treatment if some of these symptoms arises and becomes difficult for you to survive.

Some of the exercises are very important for you to get away from this problem.

  • Chewing is very essential exercise to treat Xerostomia. Chewing helps you to preserve a proper volume and give a proper function to your salivary glands. The best way to give you a proper exercise to your mouth is chewing a gum with sugar free. By chewing gum gives your mouth muscles to work properly, and strengthen them to become more flexible and to the salivary gland. You have to lightly press your lips together and move your mouth as chewing motion. After following this exercise you will notice that your jaws and neck muscles is getting a proper exercise. You have to repeat this exercise at least for 20 times after doing this kind of exercise you have to relax your body for 20minutes and again repeat for the same.
  • Another exercise is to strengthen your tongue and throat muscle. This exercise helps you to give strength to your tongue and throat. If a person is suffering from Xerostomia, a person may suffer difficulty in swallowing so this exercise is useful for them. You have to place your tongue between your teeth hold it for a second as if you swallow your saliva, while doing this exercise you will notice a the force comes on your neck and throat muscle to work harder.
  • Tongue is the most helpful exercise to recover Xerostomia. Tongue helps you to strengthen your tongue muscle. You have to press your lips together lightly and sweep your tongue inside your mouth. Your saliva will get collect in your mouth on the right side inside the cheek repeat this process to the opposite also.