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Tips to Remain Sun-proof this Summer

A transformation of the season from winter to spring and to summer is just wondrous. Then summer season is one such time of the year that gives us the chance to bring out the shorts, halters and light and fresh clothes. It is the time when one can expose off the maximum. But, wait… the sweltering heat of the sun can surely cause occurrence of brown spots, premature skin and above all tanning. So, here are some tips that you can follow to enjoy the summer days and nights and also keep the skin gorgeous, youthful and fresh.

Regular Cleansing and moisturizing is a must- Summer season is not only about sweating, it is also about the collection of dust, toxins present in the air due to pollution and tanning of skin due to direct exposure towards the sun. So, during this season cleansing the face helps to get rid of the filth and sweat that get accumulated on the skin through the day. It also helps the skin to breathe leave it looking fresh.

Regular moisturizing of the skin is a must as it helps in keeping the skin hydrates throughout the day. So, it is important to make use of such moisturizers that do not make the skin oily, but rather make it more radiant, smooth and nourished.

Apply Sunscreen-
Prolonged exposure of the skin towards sun and the heat leads to damaging of the skin. So, using sunscreen lotion is a must before stepping into the sun. This will not only keep the skin damage free, but it will also reduce the occurrence of tan.

Get enough sleep- Excessive sweating, too much of heat takes up the tolerance level and also reduces the amount of energy in the body, thus dehydrating it. So, in such cases, the body needs repairing and catching on to the required sleep of at least 7 hours continuously is the best way to recover from the wear and tear activities performed throughout the day and also keeps the skin healthy and keeps the skin healthy too.