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Top 3 causes and supplements for infertility

Infertility can plague both men and women, but there are many causes to it and supplements to help overcome and prevent this

Infertility is when the person is not capable to produce the eggs or maintain the pregnancy. In women, the cause can be the internal hormonal imbalance or some other disease. In men, low sperm count or distortion of the sperm may be the major culprits. But deficiency of particular nutrients may also lead to this.

If even a single partner is not able to meet the standards to produce the necessary eggs, conception of the child is difficult and sometimes not possible. Many a times, the reason can be the ill effects of other diseases and injury to the penile and the vaginal area. Some lifestyle practices can also be the cause to it.

But we have to know how to maintain precaution and fulfill the nutrients requirement. This will keep such condition away, if there is no other physical and mental factor for infertility

Causes of infertility


Xenosestrogens are the environmental oestrogens that come from certain plastic industry and the pesticides. They cause an imbalance in the hormonal system and it is best to eliminate the intake of these elements. Stay away from hazardous places and also take care of this factor well before few months of conceiving. Stick to organic food items as much as possible.


There is a direct relation between low fertility and the consumption of caffeine. These are found in colas, coffee, black teas, chocolate and other food items. So you can do away with all these items from your diet at least four months of the conception.


Smoking can cause many diseases. It may produce abnormal sperm in men and invite early menopause in women. Most of the people face the issue of infertility because of this. It can also lead to cancer and a disruption in the normal body functioning and system. It may also weaken the immune system and affect the nervous system.

Supplements to overcome and prevent infertility

Folic Acid

B vitamins along with folic acid are important for women during pregnancy. It prevents spina bifida in children. Vitamin B 12, B6 are very essential for ideal eggs and boost of proper hormonal functioning. It constitutes the RNA and DNA. Especially the vitamin B 12 also improves the sperm count in men.


Zinc helps to form the tail of the sperm and also prevents the risk of abnormal pregnancy and miscarriage. If appropriate levels of zinc are not present then there might be distortions in the chromosomes and formation of the eggs. It can also cause significant health changes, if low in level.


Selenium protects the body from free radicals as it is an active antioxidant. It stops the breakage of the chromosomes and also helps in facilitating the sperm production. Miscarriages and birth defects can also be prevented with this. Men with lower sperm counts may have low selenium level in their blood.