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Unhealthy habits that can wreck your appearance

Are you conscious of your looks just like women? If you then there isn’t anything to shy about, after all a good face doe splay a vital role in today’s world. Who wouldn’t want a company of a handsome guy so; here are some of the unhealthy habits that tend to wreck your appearance for sure. Let us have a look at some of the habits that affect the appearance and what changes can be done to look the best.

Do not binge on alcohol: Drinking alcohol has become a normal lifestyle and drinking in excess has become the identity of a man. Men wouldn’t want to be compared to a woman for drinking less, so more the drinking of alcohol; more is the storage of calories in the body. So, keep aside your male ego and limit your alcohol intake.
Do not touch your face: Touching your face too often isn’t a good habit. When at work, party or in some restaurant hands pick up tons of germs. Continuous rubbing of hand on the skin transfers the germs from one part of the skin to another skin surface thus giving rise to zits and also certain fungal infections which may affect your appearance. So, do not touch your skin too often. Do not even rub your skin hard, if sensitive enough it may affect the texture of your skin.

Stepping out in the sun without sunscreen: Overexposure is the major reason for tanning, blackening and the reason for affecting the appearance overall. So it is advised not to step out of your house without a sunscreen lotion. Else, there are chances that your skin gets burnt from the roots or the cells and make your look darker for a long time.

Dry shaving: Staying away from shaving cream will only add to the skin woes such as irritation of the skin, rashes on the skin and also ingrown hair. Al of these may take a lot of time to get rid of. So, it is very important to use a good shaving cream which has the capability to give the face a smooth finish and above all a face that is cut less or bruise less.

Smoking Cigarette: Do you know smoking cigarettes in the long run affects the skin tone and causes deep lines. It also makes the occurrence of wrinkles, dry skin very prominent from a young age. At a young age if you get wrinkles or look old, then this surely isn’t good for your overall appearance. So, it is best to understand the importance of a healthy and smoke-free life and to make you feel this there are many therapies, quit smoking programs, doctor and above all your loved one who can surely help you get away from the habit of smoking.