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Unsual causes of Back Pain

Back pain refers to the pain felt in any part of the back like lower back, upper back or neck. It is a common problem among adults and may have different causes. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to diagnose the real cause of back pain. Strained muscles and ligaments caused by the awkward movement of body can cause back pain. There are several causes for generating and aggravating back pain.

The 7 main causes of back pain are:

Arthritis in spine is a common cause of back pain, especially in adults. The pain may be felt anywhere in the back and gets worse while walking and at night. As the condition degenerates the affected area cannot be cured. Exercises like yoga, tai chi and gentle movement can reduce the pain.

Different types of arthritis that may cause back pain include:

Cartilage that cushions the joints get damaged, bones rub each other causing back pain and stiffness.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:
In case of rheumatoid arthritis the back joints faces traumatic damages and results in inflammation.

Ankylosing Spondylitis:
In case of this physical condition, the region of spine is afflicted which causes stiffness thus leading to back pain.

Tender areas such as neck, shoulder etc is usual affected by musculoskeletal aches which are also sometimes accompanied by fatigue which results in sleeping disorder. This may also sometimes lead to head pain, numbness and depression.

In case of osteoporosis the affected bones turn brittle and thin which may cause vertebral compression fracture that may cause back pain. This condition makes vertebral column significantly week and it may not even stand minor stress.

Back pain is frequently reported by obese or overweight individuals. In this case the back pain is especially experienced at the neck or at the lower back. However, this condition can be reduced or eradicated through regular weight loss exercises.

Sleeping posture:
Inappropriate sleeping posture is another reason that may cause back pain. It is not only because of the posture but also inappropriate mattresses. Better cushions and comfortable sleeping position may help you get some relief.

Seating difficulties:
It is frequently seen that people who sit in uncomfortable position, pressurizing their back for longer time are prone to develop back pain. To avoid such scenarios one should adopt ergonomically developed chairs, sitting in appropriate position and taking timely breaks may help you avoid back pain.

Spine Disc Damage:
Spine disc damage is another common factor that may cause unbearable back pain. In this condition the discs of spine are damaged due to traumatic injuries or heavy work. The surrounding nerves get pinched and cause recursive episodes of back pain.

Pregnancy and menstrual episode:
Women who are living their regular menstrual phase also complain about back pain. Similarly, even in case of pregnant women the enlarged belly exerts pressure on the spine causing it to stretch which may also lead to back ache.

There are many other factors that may cause ache in the back; however healthy lifestyle including regular exercises, healthy diet, etc may help in avoiding back pain.