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Vital Information about Eye Abnormality

This article will be very helpful for you if your child is going through eye abnormality and know the types of this problem.

The eyes of your child are there open windows in this world and means to help the growth of their development. Therefore, it is very essential to keep your child’s vision healthy and free from any kind of eye problems.

Eye abnormalities may cause from sever to mild vision problems that usually affects toddlers and adults and make possible difficulty in school, curricular activities and work etc. it has been reported that around 15 million of toddler and adults at the age of 12 have visual injury. Thus regular vision screening, treatment and early detection of vision is very important and help your child from any eye problems  or even for the child suffering from unhealthy vision or eye.

Here are some types of eye abnormalities that are helpful for your child

Refractive Errors

Among other type of eye abnormality, reflective errors are among one of them. Reflective errors occur due to the bending of light rays that focus the retina accurately and led to the blurriness of image perception. There are various types of reflective errors like

  • Myopia– when a person is experiencing from myopia or nearsightedness, they see objects clearly that are near to them and distant objects appears blurry.
  • Hyperopia– Hyperopia or the farsightedness occurs where person sees far objects clearly and near objects finds blurry.
  • Presbyopia– it is problem related to the age, when a person grows older the lens of their eye mislay its elasticity and appear difficulty while concentrating on near objects.

Astigmatism appears when a cornea or eye surface stands an uneven curving of the eye and person experience deformation of image in spite of the distance images. Astigmatism occurs along with myopia, presbyopia and Hyperopia.


Strabismus is a type of eye disorder that typify due to the failure of eye moving in unison caused by misalignment. Children’s suffering from strabismus usually appears cross eye. In many cases, the problem occurs due to the inequity of the eye muscle or by Hyperopia. Various problems come under this condition like tumor, congenital cataracts and nerve disorder etc. strabismus generally affects single eye or sometimes both the eyes. The treatments for the for eye abnormality starts with the corrective lenses, eye patching and eye exercise. If this treatments fails to succeed the position of the eyes, then the corrective surgery aid to align eye and the equalize muscles of the eyes.


Amblyopia is referred as the lazy eye. The problem occurs when the vision of the eye fails to expand correctly in one eye. The brain usually rely on the image through healthier eye although ignores the contribution from the feeble eye. Depth perception and three dimensional visions need the same contribution in addition with the process of brain from both the eyes. Amblyopia is the main cause of strabismus. If the condition doesn’t cure properly since in the childhood days when the ability of the binocular vision is ideal, Amblyopia may cause the enduring problem of vision injury. The correction of the Amblyopia need to give the force from the weaker eye to cure the problem.