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Vitiligo is a skin disorder of pigmentation defect and can be treated

Vitiligo is a skin disorder caused by loss of color of the skin and has some methods to treat them to take care of the actual pigmentation

Vitiligo is caused by the loss of pigment called Melanin. This is called melanocytes when the cells which cause pigmentation are destroyed and hence the deficiency is created. Many people are seen to be suffering from this condition and down trodden by people. But this is just a generic disease and has a cure.

This is mostly found in people who have a dark skin tone and this happens due to destroying of cells by the immune system. This happens due to anti immune system that the body develops which acts against the function of the body organs. Cytokines is a kind of protein produced which is killed due to this anti immune system and causes loss of skin color.


This disease can be hereditary and found in both the sexes. This disease can happen before the age 20 or 40. This can also be caused if people already have certain anti imune disease present like the hyper action of the thyroid called hyperthyroidism. Adrenocortical is another anti imune disease which causes less production of hormone called corticosteroid. Pernicious anemia is another of such complication wherein the red blood cells are unable to absorb vitamin B 12. All these complication can also lead to the invitation of Vitiligo.


The symptoms are finding white patches in the areas of the body which are mostly exposed to the sun like lips, face, arms, hands, and feet. This is also sometimes found in enclosed area like groin, armpits, rectum and other places. Vitiligo can happen in many patterns. Most commonly found is that no pigmentation occurs on both sides of the body. Sometimes only few particular areas have this disease whereas sometimes this affects at only one side of the body.


The patches may spread as they grow older to other parts. A physical examination will confirm if the white patches on the body are really due to the signs of Vitiligo or not. One of the major treatment for this disease is Topical steroid therapy wherein corticosteroids is implemented into the system and other hormones like the ones which produce melanin is induced in the body and the affected patch. Psoralen photo chemotherapy is another form of treatment wherein the skin is re-pigmeted by ultraviolet A rays and inducing psoralen (a drug that helps in darkening of skin pigment).