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Wanna stay healthy at work? Effectual tips at your rescue

Our office has become our next home. Why is it so? Well we tend to spend majority of the hours at work than at home. Cut throat competition amongst employees and various companies have forced many employees to work for extra hours. No or lack of exercise, less time for lunch or dinner, sitting front of the computers for long hours have made our lives miserable. You may accept the fact that there isn’t any peace with regards to mind, soul and body. Finally, the end result is various injuries, chronic pains and many more problems. So, what are the solutions or tips that can help in tackling with the stress at work and keep you healthy and fit?

1. Keep the desk clean- Desk is one place at work where we spend the maximum hours. So, to avoid the occurrence of flu that is doing round at work, it is very important to have the desk cleared or cleaned on regular intervals to avoid the contagious flu from reaching until you.

2. Wash hands regularly to avoid virus attack- At work, it is very important to make it a point to keep the hands clean, because a lot of germs present in the air, on the desk or on the keyboard may enter into the body through hands, so washing hands frequently with water and soap or the use of sanitizer can do wonders in fighting against those health affecting viruses.

3. Your eye need some break- Sitting in front of the computer for hours together without even blinking your eyes for long hours causes strain to the eyes and also reduces the amount of hydration from the eyes, thus making it dry and very watery. So to avoid many eye problems it is advisable to take mini-breaks of at least 5-10 minutes by shutting down the monitor. This shall relieve the stressed muscle din the eyes and also save it from damage.