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Constant stress in an individual reflects the negative cause such as ageing, fatty creature, obese, blood pressure etc. but one of the great among them is the weight gain. This stress gives the cause of high Cortisol levels (high in stress hormones). It causes a miserable uneven resistant towards the system and let a stressful person into the abnormal blood sugar levels thus augment the longing of food because of which a person can gain overindulgence of weight.

Cortisol is distorted during the time of stress, which gathers instant but remains constant in their life. Furthermore, the usual prototype of cortisol emission i.e. grows higher in day and reduces in nights is being changed appositively. These interruptions of normal cortisol secretion prop up weight gain in those who are being in the period of stressing life.

This stressful life with the presence of weight gain becomes more complicated to live a healthier life or schedule with outer world. They live in opposite beam with the experience of stress as well as with weight gain strategy. However, are not being known towards the venturing of this weight gain.

Some of the factor that gave rise to weight gain process from stress:


If a man is not even having a healthier food than to get into weight gain will be the shocking or credible form for those who will hit from reasons. Over cortisol slows the metabolism and finally refer to more gainer of weight.


People experience with stress an eating habit as well as do not get with the schedule of diet or healthier food that typically give rise to weight gain.

Blood Sugar

Blood sugar could be the reason of unusual diets or unhealthier food and even the elongation of stress that has the capability to change the mode of sugar and this could be dangerous for people who are suffering heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure.

Fat Storage

Fat storage is due to the abnormal exercise as well as uneasiness towards powerful equip. increase in stress makes people fat from any side as well as from belly i.e. abdominal fat.

Emotional Eating

Some are grace with the fact of over eating as be in stressful life or in pleasurable moments. Some make the presence that in stress or in nervous situations, they eat more and more and this leads to weight gain process.

Hence, eliminate stress first from your life for reduction of weight put on factor.