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Security Policy
  • makes use of the e-commerce system that involves the use of secure sockets layer technology (SSL) which guarantees that your shopping experience remains a joyous one, without having you to be worried about any fraudulent act. This technology actually lets you have a safe and secured transaction and on any purchase the information given by you do not get leaked to the third party.

Through our website, customers spread far and wide can easily and comfortably shop with full confidence. To retain the smile in customers and live up to the promise of high standard and quality service provision, has taken special measures to provide absolute security with regards to the dealings.

If you wish to see whether the data given by you is safe, then the secure icon is the hint that shall appear on your browser once you enter a secured page. Another symbol of safety and security of your dealing is the identification of the URL. On your secured page the url will show ‘https://’, which usually begins with ‘http://’ on usual websites or page.

So, if you have any queries regarding the security then you shall be answered. All you have to do is just send us an e-mail on