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Generic Viagra- working on the same lines as its patented version, Viagra

From the time of the inception of sildenafil citrate research and its potential as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, this vasodilator has been the centre of attention of all the pharmaceutical companies, doctors and researchers. It gained enormous publicity and popularity when it evolved in form of Viagra, the brand that gave hope and a new life to millions of men all over the world. Viagra was applauded for its safety and efficacy. However, being a brand with millions being spent on its research and marketing, Viagra was priced a little high, more than what a normal man could have afforded. The answer to this came in the form of Generic Viagra.

The Generic Viagra came with the same efficacy and safety as its branded counterpart, but it did not burn a hole in the patient pockets. It also had similar drug indications, dosages and contradiction. Unlike most other generics, Generic Viagra was approved by the FDA of the country of its manufacture and was made in GMP certified units. All this rendered Generic Viagra safe and millions around the world benefited from this drug. The manufacturers of this drug had it easy as all that they had to do was imitate the approved formulation of the brand Viagra, saving millions of dollars that were spent on research and marketing. Due to this, the price of Generic Viagra continues to be cheap and affordable. Since Generic Viagra works on the same lines as its patented version, it is considered to be as good as the brand Viagra and if not better.

Doctors are relieved with the coming of the Generic Viagra

For years doctors were facing problems as a large number of their patients reported of erectile dysfunction as a part of their disorders. This stems from the fact that erectile dysfunction can occur to people who are suffering from heart diseases, diabetes, Parkinson's and hoards of other problems that could have erectile dysfunction as a part of their complications. Since there was no proven remedy a few years back doctors had to make do with other methods and modes. However, from the time Viagra followed by Generic Viagra has come into the market, doctors are at ease. Now they not only have an effective remedy but they also know that their patients can afford to buy it. Doctors have also observed that after the launch of Generic Viagra, more people are aware of the fact that erectile dysfunction or impotency has a cure. This has helped men come out of the shell and talk to their physicians regarding this problem. Considering the fact the erectile dysfunction could be result of some other, more serious disorder, some men are able to get timely help by consulting their physicians. All this can be attributed to presence of Generic Viagra in the market. In the last few years, doctors have sensed a new wave of relief as they now have a guaranteed solution to erectile dysfunction.

Doctor's explanation for the Do's and Don'ts of Generic Viagra

As explained above the Do's and DON'T'S of this miracle drugs is the same as that of Viagra. Despite the fact that Generic Viagra is a prescription drug, some people still believe that it is an over the counter drug. Having it through prescription is better as doctors can explain in detail, the drug indication, the contraindications and the dosages. Since all the above details are the same as the brand Viagra, the task of doctors is simplified. Doctors can also explain the finer points in this drug which includes details of why it should not be had with alcohol, why it should not be had after a heavy fatty meal and why water is the best medium to gulp it down with.

Patients delighted with the cost and effects of Generic Viagra

Patients love the fact that they now have a safe and effective cure for impotency. While, it has always been stated that erectile dysfunction is like just any other disorder and that is how it should be treated, the fact remains that it marks the manhood of a man. Men feel incomplete and develop a sense of inferiority complex. Some are also not sure how their spouse would handle it and marriages can reach a rocky patch. Such men took solace in the fact that not only erectile dysfunction could be treated but they could easily afford its treatment in the form of Generic Viagra. Through their doctors patients learnt that Generic Viagra was a safe and effective way to seek treatment for erectile dysfunction and start their life afresh.

In future, Generic Viagra may treat more than erectile dysfunction

Currently the use of Generic Viagra for medical purposes is restricted to erectile dysfunction only. Since, it is a vasodilator; it increases the diameter of the arteries and allows a rush of blood to the pelvic region. This action fills the penile organ with blood and it gets a strong, hard and lasting erection, allowing the man to penetrate. The effect of sildenafil citrate on arteries can be used to treat various other ailments. Already there are various researches underway studying this action of Generic Viagra on hair growth (alopecia), infertility in women and Parkinson's.

Initially, sildenafil citrate was meant to be a drug for heart disorders. However, now studies have shown that it may indeed be a useful tool to treat heart disease. This could be due to the fact that sildenafil citrate in the form of Generic Viagra may prevent the blood from becoming sticky together and clogging arteries. This action of Generic Viagra may help to improve the circulation of blood and may also prevent diseases of the heart. Doctors have predicted in future, Generic Viagra may move on to being an 'only' male drug to a drug that could be prescribed to women who are heart patients. The dose may not be as strong as that of the Generic Viagra, but it may still prove to be a life saver for millions of men and women with cardiovascular disorder.

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